6 ways to make an engagement ring look bigger (and better).

When it comes to engagement rings, size matters, right?

After all, no one’s wishing and waiting to be underwhelmed. And no one wants to propose with a ring that won’t wow.

But, don’t worry. If your budget is smaller than you’d like, your engagement ring doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of ways to get more bling for your budget.

See how to make an engagement ring look bigger (and better):

  1. Choose an elongated diamond. Instead of going right to round, keep your options open. Consider an oval, cushion, marquise, or radiant diamond. Elongated shapes like these make diamonds appear larger than they actually are. Plus, they’re less expensive.
  2. Get a great cut grade. There’s no doubt about it. The right diamond will catch your eye. But… the right cut will catch the light, and that’s even better. Believe it or not, the cut of a diamond is the most important characteristic, because it determines how much it will sparkle. A diamond that’s well cut will reflect light and bounce it right back to your eyes.
  3. Create a cluster. Try using multiple small stones to create the illusion of one big one. When everything is set, it’ll take a second to realize the ring was made differently. Some people may never even notice.
  4. Add a halo. A circle of tiny diamonds that surround the center stone is called a halo. It adds some obvious sparkle, but it also makes the center stone seem substantially larger. If the setting is strategic enough, it may even look like it’s one big diamond, rather than one diamond with several smaller ones around it.
  5. Use side stones. Add a smaller diamond on each side, and the center stone will surely stand out.
  6. Think thin. The wider the band, the smaller the stone will look. The thinner the band, the larger it will look.

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