We’ll teach you how to take love to the next level.

So… you didn’t major in gemology? Don’t worry. We have your cheat sheet. Let our experts help you find the perfect ring for your perfect person.

A Preview of the Process

Step 1: Talk to us about settings.

Have a style in mind? Perfect! Just bring us the pictures. If not, we have hundreds of options, and we’ll help you choose.

Step 2: Consider custom design.

Can’t find exactly what you want? If you can dream it, we can deliver it.

Step 3: Pick a metal.

Before you come in, pay attention to which metal your prospective fiancée prefers: platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Step 4: Then… let’s look at diamonds.

As the largest direct diamond importer in Michigan, we’re sure to have the perfect one.

A Crash Course in Diamonds


A diamond’s cut determines how much it’ll sparkle. It’s all about how the facets interact with the light.

Chart comparing the light level differences in excellent cut, thick cut and thin cut diamonds


Every diamond is assigned a grade, based on how much color it contains. (The whiter the diamond, the higher the grade.)

Chart comparing the color differences in diamonds from colorless to light yellow


All diamonds have internal characteristics called inclusions. Clarity measures how noticeable they are under 10x magnification.

Chart comparing diamonds with no inclusions to diamonds that have obvious inclusions


The carat is a diamond’s weight, not its size. (Two diamonds can be the same weight, but one could look larger because of its proportions.)

Chart comparing diamonds from .5 carat to 3.0 carat

Representational – Actual size may not be exact.

Light Performance

Light performance is a combination of brilliance, sparkle, fire, and light symmetry.

Chart comparing ultimate light performance to low light performance


The shape is the diamond’s overall profile, such as round, cushion, or emerald cut.

Chart comparing the different shapes of diamonds

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