How to find an engagement ring that flatters your finger.

When you’re in a serious relationship (and even when you’re not), you can’t help but picture the perfect engagement ring. You look at thousands of photos. You design them in your mind. You know exactly what you want.

When you think you’re getting closer to a proposal, you may even find yourself wandering into a jewelry store. Eager to see it for yourself, you slide it on your finger. You’re expecting fireworks… and… well… hmmm. Oddly enough, it’s not the magical moment you thought it would be.

Our words of wisdom: Don’t feel defeated! In a perfect world, your dream ring would be everything you want and more. But if it doesn’t have the “wow” factor you hoped for, it could be because it’s not the right fit for your finger.

Believe it or not, different engagement rings are designed to flatter different finger types. And once you know the perfect fit for you, it’ll be easier to dream up a ring that’s simply stunning.

Find the most flattering ring for your finger – be it long, short, slender or wide:


If you have long fingers, you have a lot of freedom. You could easily rock a ring that’s big, bold and dramatic, but only if that style suits you. For something more traditional, try a round or princess-cut diamond. Those are the shapes that tend to be especially flattering on long fingers. Then, when it comes to your band, you want something that will complement your length – something that’s a little wider than the standard setting, since you have the room for it.


Want to create the illusion of length? With the right ring, it’s entirely possible. To help extend your fingers, try oval, pear, marquise, or emerald-shaped diamonds. For bands, go with anything that has a narrow width, because a thick band can make your fingers seem shorter than they are. (Fun fact: It’s not just the ring that can help elongate your fingers. If they work with your lifestyle, long fingernails can have the same effect.)


If you have fingers that are on the skinny side, you won’t want to overpower them. That’s why a smaller diamond will actually work well. You may find that a round, cushion-cut or oval diamond would be best – especially when it’s set on a super slim band. With petite fingers, the most important thing to remember is that less is often more. Simplicity is a statement.


When you’re looking for the perfect ring for a wide finger, there’s a quick trick. You want a style that, once it’s on, won’t show too much skin on either side of it. Play around with some wide ovals, rectangular emeralds, or solitaire diamonds in large settings. Try a three-stone ring – since you’ve got more room for bling. Or, to be just as breathtaking (but also budget-friendly), consider a cluster. For a band, choose one that’s medium or thick.

Want to explore the styles that would flatter your finger? At Tapper’s, we have dedicated bridal experts available to help you, and they’ll consider everything from a single ring to a stackable. Get inspired at a store near you.