How to get them to propose – and how not to.

You’ve found a great person, your relationship is going well, and they’re hinting at something more permanent. Here are the ways you could screw it up – and the ways to make it happen.

  • To screw it up: Let them know THE ROCK is everything. You’ve dreamed of your engagement ring since the womb, and if it’s not a two-carat princess cut bordered with rubies on a platinum setting, your very soul will be CRUSHED. Specify this at least weekly, preferably during the final seconds their favorite TV show.
  • To make it happen: Be casual but helpful. A friend gets engaged and you love their ring. You could mention it. You see an ad with a ring you don’t like – you could mention that, too. Maybe throw out, “People make too big a deal out of the ring. The important thing is the person.” You might hear an appreciative sigh of relief.
  • To screw it up: Unleash your inner Bridezilla. Get a stack of bridal magazines and hack up the pages like a deranged kidnapper crafting ransom notes. Put your favorite dresses, rings, and wedding cakes up on the fridge. And don’t forget to send them the link to your Pinterest wedding board. Or boards.
  • To make it happen: Have an honest talk about your future. Seize an opportune moment to bring up future plans – you’re on a drive and see a house you both love, or you’re attending a friend’s wedding. Let them know your future together is the ultimate prize, not the ring (though you want that, too).
  • To screw it up: Lay down the law. It’s your way or the highway, and your way means a ring by [insert date in very near future]. And since they’re terrible with dates, remind them often. Distribute a countdown calendar (why not repurpose a holiday advent calendar?) to keep them on their toes: “10 days left.” “5 days left.” “0 days left: WHERE IS MY RING?”
  • To make it happen: Test the waters. Say you’d like to come into Tapper’s and try on rings, just for fun. Do they seem receptive or uncomfortable? If they’re reluctant, offer to go with one of your friends instead. You can always snap photos for later.

There’s a lot of pressure on the proposer to come up with the perfect ring, delivered in some wildly original way. Take the pressure off and keep the focus on the love you share, and you’ll not only get your ring, you’ll get a very happy fiancé.

And when they’re ready to shop for an engagement ring, send them to Tapper’s. Find a store near you.