How to pick the right engagement ring for her personality.

Let’s be real. When you’re ready to pop the question, the scariest part isn’t planning your proposal. It’s picking out a ring.

In a perfect world, your future fiancée has dropped some subtle hints. Maybe she’s even sent you a few photos. But, it doesn’t always happen like that (no matter how hard you hope for it).

Luckily, you can still find an engagement ring that matches her personality and personal preferences, even if you don’t know exactly what she wants.

To find a ring as unique as she is, first decide how you’d describe her:



HER PERSONALITY: Picture the jewelry she wears on a daily basis. Are you more likely to catch her wearing a single, simple piece, instead of something that makes a statement? Are the colors in her closet neutral, not bold? Does she wear a lot of nude nail polish?

HER RING: Solitaire diamonds are timeless and traditional… just like the women who wear them. With the clean lines of a thin band and a dominant center stone, they showcase the sparkle without any distractions. To this day, they’re still the most popular style of engagement ring – likely because they appeal to people’s love of simple, sparkly things.



HER PERSONALITY: She has a great sense of style – one that can’t help but command attention. Her friends are always complimenting her outfits, especially when they’re complete with fashion-forward jewelry. Ultimately, she’s outgoing, but not overwhelming.

HER RING: If her style stands out in any room… here’s a hint: her ring should, too. Because your dream girl isn’t afraid to make a statement, her dream ring should probably have some serious sparkle. A halo surrounding a unique diamond shape, plus a pavé band, is probably her perfect match. But to make it even more eccentric, you could consider a setting that holds her diamond higher.



HER PERSONALITY: Let’s put it this way… she loves love. She’s feminine, with a fondness for florals. She’s bubbly, and she admires anything that’s beautiful. She’s also a bit nostalgic, with a special place in her heart for her history (and for all the love stories that came before yours).

HER RING: Because she loves all things antique, dazzle her with a little vintage luxury. Antique-style rings can be incredibly intricate – with unique details from the time period they are inspired from. For example, engagement rings from the Art Nouveau period are often floral, delicate, and dainty. Meanwhile, Art Deco engagement rings are made to be more geometric and angular.



HER PERSONALITY: You won’t hear her saying “less is more.” Instead, you’ll hear “the more the merrier.” She’s a showstopper, always showing off her fanciest fashions and showing up at the fanciest places. She’s all about the finer things, and she lives a stunning life in the spotlight.

HER RING: If your dream girl has an elegant aura, an elongated diamond is the way to go. After all, they’re dramatic and distinctive – just like she is. One small caveat? Glamorous engagement rings are often noticeably larger. (But don’t worry, we can help make an engagement ring look bigger and better, even if you’re on a budget.)



HER PERSONALITY: Is the gym somewhat of a second home to her? If she’s someone who’s always working out, she probably wears more yoga pants than dress pants. For her everyday look, she focuses on being comfortable and casual.

HER RING: If she’s a girl on the go, get her a ring that can go with her. For women who are always active, the fear of damaging or losing a ring is real. But, something simple that sits super low is something she won’t be afraid to wear. We recommend a ring with a bezel setting, which is a thin metal band that surrounds the diamond – keeping it safe and secure.


Not sure exactly which style she is? Not a problem. Come explore the largest engagement ring selection in metro Detroit. Or, create your own custom design. No appointment necessary. Just find a store near you, and we’ll be your guide from start to finish.