Nicholas & Sara: A Love Story

How did your love story start?

It all began when we were in high school. I had just started hosting at Bob Evans, where he was a host as well. Months later, he was trained as a waiter, and then before I knew it, he was training me. Through it all, Nick was always flirting with me and finding ways to talk to me. At first, I just laughed – thinking nothing of it. Then, with the help of mutual friends, we began hanging out… and the rest was history.

How did he propose?

After laying on Cocoa Beach all day, we decided to drive down to the pier to get some food. But of course… we locked the keys in the car – leaving us stranded for over an hour. Once we finally got to the pier, Nick wanted to walk down to the beach to get a picture by the water. He asked a couple to take a picture (and without me knowing it, he told them he was going to propose). I didn’t know what was happening until he said, “You know I love you, right?” I was shaking and crying, and of course I said yes!

How did the two of you celebrate?

We thought about going somewhere really fancy, but then we decided to make it more memorable and go to Chili’s – where we had our first date.

Tell us about your engagement ring.

It’s the most beautiful ring I could imagine. So sparkly. So perfect.

Do you have a wedding date / place?

I’ve never really had a “dream wedding.” Marrying my best friend will be a dream. We’re having a formal lake wedding in his parents’ backyard on September 14, 2019.

Congratulations to Nicholas and Sara, from the entire Tapper’s team!

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