Surprise! The Bride Gift Guide.

Want to surprise your bride on your wedding day?

If you’re still struggling to find the right romantic gesture… relax. All for you, our experts have come up with a few tips (and gifts).

Put on your dancing shoes. Make your first dance more memorable… in a good way. If dancing isn’t necessarily your “thing” (we’re not judging), take a lesson or two. Pull a page from Chandler Bing’s playbook. After all, practice makes perfect.

• Give her studs, from her stud. If you ask us, diamond stud earrings should be a staple in every woman’s jewelry box. In fact, they’re almost as important as the engagement ring. (Okay. So, maybe we’re exaggerating. But we really do believe in the power of a simple, sparkling pair. And we’re sure she will, too.)

Tapper’s diamond stud earrings in 14K white gold | starting at $499

• Plan a mystery-moon. Picture this. After your wedding, you arrive at the airport with your new bride. But here’s the catch: She has no idea where the two of you will be traveling. You planned the entire trip, and you’ve kept it top secret. Not only would it be an exciting adventure, it would also take a pretty sizeable task off her to-do list. And that’s a win-win situation if we’ve ever heard one.

• Bling, bling. Treat her to a bracelet AND a ring. Want to give her something she can wear on the wedding day… and every day? Because you (probably) don’t know the neckline she’ll be sporting when she walks down the aisle, a necklace or earrings might be too tricky. But you can’t go wrong with a diamond bracelet that shines as bright as she does.

Tapper’s 14K white gold and diamond bracelet | $1,999, specially priced $1,699

• Have a bridal breakfast delivered. Staying in a hotel before the big day? Pick a few of her favorites from the room service menu and have them sent to her. Bonus points if you include a morning Mimosa.

• Make her “something new” something that’s rich with history. Did you know it’s a tradition for a bride to wear pearls on her wedding day? It all started with the Ancient Greeks – who believed pearls were the tears of the gods. With that, brides wore them with the hopes they wouldn’t cry on their wedding day. Today, they’re said to signify purity and beauty, and no two pearls are exactly alike.

Mikimoto pearl strand with 18K white gold clasp | starting at $3,300

• Walk with her – every step of the way. For just a few seconds, steal one of her shoes. Using a blue permanent marker (“something blue,” right?), write a sentimental message on the sole. Consider something like, “I’m so glad you walked into my life.”

• Tell her you’re having the time of your life. Remind your bride that you’ve loved her for [insert amount of days here], and you’re going to love her even more in all the rest of them. For a sentimental gift that truly represents your time together, we recommend a watch.

Rolex Lady-Datejust Oyster 28mm watch in Oystersteel and white gold | $11,400

• Express yourself with a book for her shelf. It’s the happiest day of her life – first a bride, then a wife. Show her it’s just as special to you by keeping a wedding journal over the course of your engagement. Fill it with photos, memories, lyrics, love quotes, promises and more. Get it to her on the morning of the wedding, and we’re confident she’ll get all the feels.

Now… hopefully, you’re feeling better about surprising your bride. (The last thing we want is you getting your cummerbund in a bunch!) So, if you’re ready to start shopping, stop into any Tapper’s store. We have an entire team that’s always available to you (yes, you!). Find a location.

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