Why you shouldn’t buy an engagement ring online.

guy on computer

Today, you can buy almost anything online and have it delivered to your door. But, should you? Are all purchases as easy as click, scroll, and zoom?

When it comes to everyday essentials and small splurges… absolutely. But when it comes to engagement rings, our experts would tell you “absolutely not.”

If you’re tempted to buy an engagement ring online, discover the risks of clicking “add to cart” to win their heart:

  1. You won’t see it sparkle. Sure, a website will tell you a diamond’s cut, carat, color, and clarity. But, there are some things you just have to see for yourself. After all, two diamonds could seem exactly the same on paper, but they could be dramatically different on your fiancée’s finger.
  1. You can’t compare diamonds on a computer. Ask yourself this: Would you ever buy a house without taking a tour? Or a car without taking a test drive? Probably not, right? When you’re making a major purchase, you want to immerse yourself in all of the options. And at Tapper’s Jewelry, you’ll easily be able to see them, touch them, and compare them.
  1. You’ll miss out on expert advice. When you walk into Tapper’s Jewelry looking for an engagement ring, you’ll get to work with a dedicated bridal expert. You’ll be able to tell us what you’re looking for (or what your fiancée has hinted at) and we’ll help you find the perfect ring at your budget. Along the way, we’ll give you words of wisdom. (For example, if your fiancée works in the medical field and regularly wears rubber gloves, they will need a low setting, so it doesn’t snag.) Can’t get that from a chat bot…
  1. You could end up with a conflict diamond. In some countries, rough diamonds are sold to finance wars against governments… and you may not want one of those. Look for a jewelry store (like Tapper’s) that proudly supports the Kimberley Process – ensuring they only buy from ethical mines that buy from approved sources.
  1. You may not get a lifetime guarantee. In a perfect world, your fiancée would wear their engagement ring for the rest of their life. So… what would you do if something happened to it 5 or 20 years from now? If the diamond chipped or the band scratched, would an online retailer offer free maintenance (or any maintenance)? It’s a serious question, because when you buy at Tapper’s Jewelry, we’ll clean it, inspect it and repair it as long as you own it. And eventually, if you choose to, we’ll even upgrade it.

Last but not least? Professional diamond buyers would never buy an engagement ring online. So, why would you? At Tapper’s, our team has to see it with their own eyes before they’d ever sell it in our store. It’s part of our meticulous process – ensuring we’re only presenting couples with the best diamonds possible.

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